The 8th Wonders

8th Wonders 2
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Members included from left to right: Paul De Milta (drums), Jeff “The Eye” (on bass) Billy Moon™(rhythm guitar & keyboards) and Garry Mellis (lead guitar)

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“I want you by my side” ©

“Shame shame”©

“My baby lives down the street”©

“Without a warning”©

“One pot one pan man”©

“The end of our love”©


“Pass the sugar”©

(My baby lives down the street” was co-written by Billy Moon & Dolph Lanchester)

The 8th Wonders“, out of Brooklyn, New York, worked in clubs all through the New York area in the mid to late 1960s. They performed weekly at “Trudy Heller’s 8th Wonder,” in Greenwich Village. The music scene was changing, and going into a whole new era, from the 50s “Rock & Roll,” to the new sound coming in from England. At that time you had to know all of the music and be able to back up vocal groups that had a hit record out, but no band to back them up. You were either in a black light lit room playing Rolling Stones hits, or backing up groups like Martha and the VandellasHeat Wave“, or someone like Little Eva, with “The Locomotion.” or Bobby Freeman, with “The Swim.” New dances were coming out as quick as new records.

One night they would be playing opposite jazz greats, such as Mongo Santa Maria, Tito Puente, Dizzie Gillespe, Gene Krupa, Erroll Garner and Miles Davis, at the Metropole, on 7th and Broadway. The next night they might be playing uptown opposite bands like Joey D and the Star lighters, singing “The Peppermint Twist” at the Peppermint Lounge (Where the Twist got started.) Then they might be at Andy Warhol’s new night club, “The Gymnasium,” or the “Electric Circus,” playing opposite The Velvet Underground. They shared the same stage with Donovan singing his hit “Mellow Yellow,” and The Youngbloods with their hit “Get Together.” This was a busy band. There are no recordings of this group.