A note from Billy:
This page is dedicated to my brother Joe, and to Cheryl, who was at his side, and took care of him until the end.

I’m sure everyone who knew Joe will enjoy visiting this page. It has photos of Joe, and some songs that he recorded here. Ever since I was given the bad news of his passing, I began working on this page. I know Joe would have liked his songs to be heard, and this is a good way to have that done. I regret that these are the only photos I have, and I am limited to how many songs I can put here, because of the amount of space I am allotted.

Reel to real front

“Reel to Real” was his last CD.

My brother Joe was a songwriter and musician, and like me, also loved motorcycles. He rode his motorcycles form cost to coast, and lived in Denver, Colorado, where he could ride through the mountains. He wrote and recorded many original songs. I have put some recordings of his here for you to listen to. I wish that I could put all of his music here, but these recordings will show how much talent he had. Joe died at an early age, and he will be missed by all who knew and loved him. He would have been forty two years old this April 26, 2003.

Reel to real back

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A quitter never wins

Two time boogie

Here are two cuts from his Blues DE Ville CD
“A quitter never wins” was written and recorded by Johnny Lang.

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Painted face

Dream beginning


Here are a few of Joe’s original cuts from the CD:

A tribute to my brother Joe.

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