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At home in studio

At home in the studio

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Here are some original instrumentals for your listening pleasure:

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“Song without words”©

“Speak Softly”©

“Accept me please for what I am”©

“Hi George”©

“Too bad”©

“Night walken”©

“you and me too”©

“Theme for a movie”©

“Clean sheets”©

“Dancing girl 1″©

“Dancing girl 2″©

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“More dancing girls”©

“Loli Bola”©

“Wings of Heaven”©


“Instrumental 1″©

“Instrumental 2″©

“Instrumental 3″©

“Instrumental 4″©

“Leave it alone”©

“Leave it alone vocal”©

Galice Resort

The Galice Resort: The best place on the Rogue River for whitewater rafting, good food and ice cream and it's motorcycle friendly.