Our Photos

Photos of “The Mission Rock Resort” in San Francisco. The poster on the right is when Billy was performing solo at “the rock,” before meeting “Koffee,” and is the entertainment schedule for the month of May, 1995.

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Photos of a wedding held at the San Francisco Bay View Yacht Club.

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A photo mix

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Some of Billy’s motorcycles

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A “Bill Haley & the Comets” poster, autographed by the members in the band.

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Being an X-“Comet,” Billy Moon™ who was going by the name of Bill Fay at the time, is listed with all the other “Comets” who ever worked with Bill Haley at the “Rockabilly Hall of Fame ®” on their tribute page to the “Comets,” presented by Alex Frazer Harrison, that can be found under the the letter “F” for Bill Fay at this link:
“List of comets”

A New York Daily News clipping of “The 8th Wonders,” appearing at The Club under the L, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

8th wonders at Gaslight Cafe.

8th wonders at Gymnasium.

A clipping of the “Comets” appearing at the Forum Lounge in Jacksonville, Fl.

A news clipping from the London Times, in Ontario, Canada, showing the group, “The Four Dimensions,” getting assistance from the Canadian Salvation Army to post bail, and pay for expenses back to the U.S., after the band was arrested, and the Canadian tour canceled, because some of the members were underage. This is the only photo of the band.