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The music you are listening to was recorded in MP3 format

Musician / Songwriter / Recording Artist

This is a scrapbook of a songwriter’s life, and some of the people and places in it. But mostly, it’s about the music.

Unless otherwise noted, all the songs and instrumentals on these pages are original, and were written, performed, recorded and copyrighted by Billy Moon. Other original songs were co-written by Billy Moon and Eric Taylor (Stratos-Billon.) Some were in conjunction with the brothers from Hunter’s Point, and recorded at the “Infinity Studio” in San Francisco. Each page features a number of songs, and these songs will be replaced from time to time with other originals. The songs featured on this Website are only a fraction of what is available.

All songs were recorded in
combination with these recorders:

Tascam 3440 four track tape deck

Tascam MK II Mix-down tape deck

Tascam Portastudio 414 MK II

Omega Digital Recorder w/cubase software

Sony Two Track Tape Recorder

Instruments that were used:

Yamaha PS-85 keyboard

Mini-Moog Synthesizer

Fender Vibroverb amp

Fender Stratocaster


Gibson SG-Standard

Excelsiola Stereo Electric Accordion

Various percussion